LOST IN BOOKS Crowdfunding Success

Think+DO Tank's Foundation successfully raised money between May - July 2016 to support open the doors on a beautiful and innovative project, LOST IN BOOKS, a multilingual children's bookshop, creative learning and language acquisition hub, with a twist. LOST IN BOOKS will also host a women's cafe where women can access bilingual workers skilled in providing assistance, including crisis assistance to women experiencing family and domestic violence. Relive the campaign here.

LOST IN BOOKS opened its doors in July 2017.

AGAINST THE TIDE - An Introduction

Think+DO Tank and Think+DO Tank Foundation have been producing Against the Tide: A Highway West since 2013.

It is an ambitous work that will allow its audience to take an interactive journey along Sydney's first highway, the Parramatta River, exploring the consequences of remembering and forgetting along the way. Which stories will you tune into? Which will you let the River take, unheard? 

We plan to bring Against the Tide to you in January 2017. 

Read on for a sneak peak of what we are making...

Community Development Worker Welcomed

We are thrilled to announce that Afaf Al-Shammari has been retained as our first Community Development Worker to work to promote wider community participation in The Motion Room, in Green Valley, Liverpool. Afaf speaks Arabic and English. She and her family live locally in the 2168 Area.

We acknowledge the financial support of Multicultural NSW whose Support Grant enables us to retain Afaf. 

ART IN MOTION - Council funds mobile hub

In June 2015, the very talented Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, a production designer, was the artist in residence for The Motion Room. His residency was called BUILD THE SOLUTION. And the people did!

Take a deep breath....because Joey did so much in the three weeks he was with us. Read on to find out how the seeds he sowed have borne fruit!

We are thankful to Liverpool City Council for a Community Grant that means that at least one of the great ideas Joey developed with local people in the 2168 Area can be built. Which one? Read on.

GROW WELL: Thanks to Community Greening

The Motion Room project extends warm thanks to Phil Pettitt, Coordinator of Community Greening, and his team for supporting us in 2015 to deliver skills development workshops for local residents in the 2168 Postcode Area. We delivered permaculture skills workshops to more than 60 local people and we have already sold 16 vertical gardens or planter boxes at a very competitive price to local people.

The Liverpool Men's Shed  is making the gardening boxes to a cost-effective design by our artist in residence, Joey Ruigrok van der Werven.


Sometimes we all need some love.

It warms our collective hearstrings when the people we work with love working with us. 

We love working with them too!

Share the love here. Read on, friend.

Aboriginal Community Support for Tide

We value the support of the Aboriginal Circle of Ambassadors that we have invited to work alongside us to create Against the Tide: A Highway West. They are a strong body of Aboriginal community leaders who advise us and advocate for the success of Against the Tide, an interactive experience set on the waters of the Parramatta River and Sydney Harbour that we are making.

Meet the Circle of Ambassadors here. Listen to why they think Against the Tide must be made for the people of Sydney and all who visit here.


As part of The Motion Room, one of the Foundation's main projects, Think+DO Tank Foundation, together with our partners the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre and the Liverpool Women's Resource Centre, applied for funding to create innovative demand-responsive transport solutions in the Green Valley Postcode Area.

Earlier in the year, The Motion Room artists in residence, PROVINCE (Anne-Louise Dadak & Laura Pike), set themselves up in the food court of the Miller Shopping Centre to inquire into how local people moved and their connection to their local area, 2168.



From 2013 - August 2014, we collaborated with the very talented Catherine Freyne, a radio features producer at ABC's Radio National as part of Against the Tide, our project to develop an interactive experience set on the waters and foreshore of Sydney's Parramatta River.  

Think+DO Tank co-produced a radio feature with Catherine, and shared some of our content for Against the Tide with Radio National's audience.

In July 2014, the work was broadcast. Missed it? Well, you can catch it here:

Parramatta River stories

Building our Board

At our Annual General Meeting in November 2015, we renewed our founding Board with new members. Read about the new Think+DO Tank Foundation Board here. 


In February - April 2015, TDTF partnered with artist Katie Green, Powerhouse Youth Theatre and Liverpool Women's Resource Centre to produce SHORTS 2168. 

Katie was artist in residence for The Motion Room, and together with four local women - Afaf, Aia, Alison and Rosheen - she explored the questions of what it means to live in the 2168 Postcode Area now? What their connections to the area are? What they love about living here? And what they would like to see change?

The women turned the camera onto their own neighbourhoods and reflected on what it means to be here, now. 

To watch their stories, read on.