As part of The Motion Room, one of the Foundation's main projects, Think+DO Tank Foundation, together with our partners the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre and the Liverpool Women's Resource Centre, applied for funding to create innovative demand-responsive transport solutions in the Green Valley Postcode Area.

Earlier in the year, The Motion Room artists in residence, PROVINCE (Anne-Louise Dadak & Laura Pike), set themselves up in the food court of the Miller Shopping Centre to inquire into how local people moved and their connection to their local area, 2168.

They animated the maps local people drew for them, showing clearly how having a car expands local people's freedom of movement.

We are using this data, together with our transport survey data, to shape new ways of moving people around.

In 2016, PROVINCE will return to 2168 with a creative technologist to expand their exploration into how to visualise the way local people use public spaces in 2168. In MAPPING 2168, they will attempt to create an artwork that functions as an instantaneous community feedback loop, allowing local people to add their own patterns of movement and aspirations for the area to this map in real time.

In 2016, we also plan to inquire into innovative ways of moving people around based on how local people tell us they wish to move. The mapping work of PROVINCE is an invaluable source of information in this process.