ART IN MOTION - Council funds mobile hub

In June 2015, the very talented Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, a production designer, was the artist in residence for The Motion Room.

Take a deep breath....because Joey did so much in the three weeks he was with us. Read on to find out how the seeds he sowed have borne fruit!

He worked:

  • with a group of women seeking exposure to trades and construction skills to design and build low cost garden boxes

  • with Year 9 Automotive students at Miller Technology High School to prototype a collapsible metal trolley to allow local residents the freedom to take trolleys where they need them without conflict with supermarket and shopping centre operators

  • with the Sistas for Sistas Aboriginal Women's Collective to design A GATHERING SPACE, a mobile community hub.

In September 2015, Liverpool City Council awarded Think+DO Tank Foundation a grant to buy a trailer and equipment to make the community's dream of a mobile gathering place possible.