Sometimes we all need some love.

It warms our collective hearstrings when the people we work with love working with us.

We love working with them too! We couldn't do our work if it didn't bring joy to our collaborators and participants, and to ourselves. 

Here are eight reasons why we love what we do (and why we think you'll love working with us too)!


Rosheen is a participant and a colleague in The Motion Room. She is a community development worker for our partner, Liverpool Women's Resource Centre. She says:

"The Motion Room offers the idea of creating spaces for strengthening our community - places to connect and to create and act on ideas for how life here could be easier and better. 

The first time I met Jane she made me feel I can do anything.

I think she helps us see how we can break free from the long-term attitudes that lock us in. She shows what else could happen here and brings hope. She celebrates our capabilities, brings fun and joy. Says everything I've hoped for and imagined in my neighbourhood. This is very hard work. I am committed to working and advocating alongside her."


We first met Afaf outside ALDI, Miller where we rudely interrupted her to ask her opinion on the local area. Now we work alongside her - she is our community development worker for The Motion Room. Afaf has graduated from psychology - that's how she sees the world when she says:

"Living in disadvantaged areas can leave residents feeling powerless, left behind, and not being heard. So it can be challenging to approach other residents in their local community, and it can feel like there is no community or sense of belonging. There can be a lack of trust, and hopelessness towards authority.

I feel these things!

When I studied psychology, I opened my mind to a new way of approaching life. It was hard for me to overcome a hardwired view. With the help of the Think+DO Tank, I was able to take my first step to break this vicious cycle. Think+DO Tank has empowered me first as a participant in one of their projects about my community. It gave me a chance to reconnect to my community and be part of the solution. It linked us to authority, which has softened the tension and lessened the lack of trust there.

Now, I am working with Think+DO Tank to bring others in my community together and to motivate them to make change."

3. Nikki Tighe, Manager, Liverpool Women's Resource Centre wrote about us in this heart-warming way:

"Think+DO Tank Foundation has invested its skills and creativity in our community and built strong relationships with local services and residents. This community, which has long been overlooked, deserves to have the continued involvement of such a passionate, productive and innovative organisation."   


"Thank u for letting me do this course. Has been a good experience for me and has help me with my depression and I had a lot of fun wish it went longer had so much fun thank u from the bottom of my heart. Been there doing that has made me look at other things to do with my life. Been happy there doing it thank u so much J"


PROVINCE says: "We see Think+DO Tank Foundation as an inspiring and innovative force in the field of socially engaged creative practice. Think+DO Tank are tackling large-scale social issues and investigating the possibilities of positive change through experimental arts projects and research. We are excited to be part of this vision with our continued involvement in The Motion Room."

6. ARTIST: Martyn Coutts, Dramaturg, AGAINST THE TIDE says:

"I am an interdisciplinary artist and producer. I make both high level contemporary artworks and large scale community events. I have been working with Think+DO Tank, and Jane Stratton in particular for around two years. Jane invited me to work on Against the Tide in a dramaturgical capacity, to enable the many different elements of history, place, text, image, sound and community to work together in a synergy.
I have found Jane to be an exemplary creative producer who can take a high vision project and resource it utilising a large range of partners and stakeholders across many different sectors. It is very rare to find someone who both has the level of creative and cultural sensitivity matched with incredible producing nous. Against the Tide will create long lasting knowledge and understanding of the Parramatta River system, which will inevitably lead to ecological and community outcomes in the future as it is rolled out.

I have enjoyed working with Jane, her enthusiasm and optimism are infectious and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a Creative Producer and human being.

7. ARTIST: Kelly Ryall, Composer, AGAINST THE TIDE

"Think+DO Tank are an amazing organisation that straddle art and community engagement in a way I have not seen before. Tailoring projects to the people and people to the projects. This can only come about from a group that thinks deeply about community. I have been involved with Think+DO Tank for the last few years as part of Against the Tide and have found them great to work with on many levels but particularly in terms of brokering interaction between creative ideas and engaging of the complex practicalities inherent in community/cultural development." 


"I am a freelance playwright and I've been working the Think+DO Tank Foundation for nearly two years now. The Foundation, with Jane Stratton at its helm, is a remarkable organisation. The ambition and scope of its work is without parallel in the independent producing for the arts. I am working on Against The Tide, which is a multidisciplinary work that defies classification. It's part audio drama, part documentary, part sonic dream - our app charts the history and life of the Parramatta River, its people, Aboriginal and White, and its future as a waterway.

The intentions of the work of the Think+DO Tank Foundation are what marks it out. It aims to make work that speaks directly to community, that uncovers forgotten and shunned stories, that wants to turn the art of life into a legacy, enriching the social fabric of Sydney.

This aspect of the Foundation, along with Jane's impeccable skills as a creative producer and visionary, make it a compelling organisation to work for. The Think+DO Tank Foundation attracts the highest quality artists to work on arts projects that have the highest creative and social ambition."