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The Think+DO Tank Foundation enquires into the systemic gaps that limit low-income communities. Our answers to those enquiries require thinking and doing to work hand-in-hand, each giving rise to the other and each being a dimension of the other.

Our Mission

We address systemic gaps that limit low-income communities in South Western Sydney. In league with local communities, we make art, we make social enterprises, and we make social change for local impact, and as case studies for analogous communities elsewhere.


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Our vision

Sydney’s low-income communities are imbuing society with their creative and collaborative talents, by effecting creative and collaborative social change.

our values

With, not for: We work horizontally with low-income communities, who are fellow co-creators, not clients.

Our discipline is multidisciplinary: We draw from the arts, community development, social policy, enterprise development, and other specialisations to enlarge the horizon of what is possible.

Our communication is multilingual: In literally speaking the languages of our associated communities, we make our politics more polyvocal.





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